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Ann Pruitt, Director InfoHorse.com

I was blown away by the supporting evidence and research in the Book by Dr. Kiburz, et al about hyaluronan. As a life long athlete and three time Olympian and World Record holder I am usually skeptical about health related claims but after trying the Topshelf HA I can honestly say that I feel 10 years younger with quicker recovery and less morning stiffness after workouts. It will be a part of my personal health regimen going forward for my joints and all around wellness.

John Kennedy Howard, Three Time Olympian Three Time Olympian, Iron Man Champion, World Record Holder

I tried Topshelf on recommendation from my Orthopedic Surgeon. I took blood thinners so I was limited on what I could take for my arthritis and at age 89 I am still active driving and doing yard work and cooking. The Topshelf made it much easier to get out of my chair, go up and down stairs and to get going in the morning. So I tried it on my 16 year old cat and it worked just as good for her. She comes up to me in the morning and opens her mouth for her Topshelf and can jump up into the chair again and runs around like a kitten.


I own a dog training academy so I am acutely aware of health related diets and supplements for humans and my clients companion animals. When one of my clients told me about Topshelf I had my doubts. So I tried it on my neighbor’s old dog who could hardly get up the stairs. In one week that dog was running up the flight. I tried it on my other neighbor’s dog who could not keep up with the other dogs. One week later he was running with the pack. That was enough for me. I take it and give it to my three dogs and recommend it to all of my clients and their companion animals.


We added a nice AQHA mare to our stable and have had the same female farrier for years. Annie was always a little stiff when getting her back shoes reset but was not mean about it.
One day, Chrissy mentioned Annie not longer was bothered by her back shoe reset what-so-ever. We had not told her that we had started Annie on Topshelf a few weeks before and she was quite impressed.


I’m sure it’s helping. Ordinarily my back is achy and stiff in the morning before loosening up. Over that last two or three weeks, that has gone away. I had been having some groin pain after walking 15 or so holes on the golf course. Nothing bad enough to stop, but noticeable. That’s better, too. Yesterday, I went bird (quail) hunting in some piney woods and fell in stump holes at least 4 times and slipped and fell crossing a ditch another time. Ordinarily, I’d be real sore today. Don’t feel a thing.

I’m a believer.


As a pathologist I have examined thousands of knee replacement specimens in my career and I have notice a later stage of osteoarthritis - “terminal joint”.  Eventually bone on bone articulation creates eburnation - polished bone as hard as marble and I have destroyed many a bone saw attempting to cut this petrous bone.  Articulating surfaces become smooth and hard as porcelain. All you need is a little lubricant - hyaluronic acid works just fine for terminal joints.  It’s like waxing your skis.


I wholeheartedly endorse this product! I have had multiple surgeries on my shoulders and over 9 on my knees. I now am going to the gym 5 days a week and walk 5 miles on Sunday! There is no question that HA is a factor.

Last Friday, I pressed over 500 lbs on the leg press. I had two younger men come and ask how an "Old man like me lift so much?" It was a pleasure to share my secret. Work hard, do it for God's glory and the HA that I take on a daily basis.


So I have had some pain that required surgeries but again thru God’s grace I’m still going! Having some issues in my hips and a sore foot!

But have not missed a work out yet! I added a swim before each workout of 500 meters and 300 meter after, this in addition to walking and lifting. I really believe that HA has been a major factor in my journey!

I am sold! I also shared this with my friends.


I'm going way back to start....I began having severe joint pain almost 10 years ago. At the time I worked a labor intensive job, on my feet for 12+ hours a day. I assumed that was the only reason. Forward a couple years, and the joint pain turned into all-over body aches, similar to flu aches. That would continue to come an go until the present. About 6 years ago I saw a Dr for back pain and was prescribed a medication that came with major side effects and little relief. I resolved to just dealing with the pain, taking a LOT of OTC medicines for it. One year ago I saw a podiatrist for foot pain;

I got a steroid shot and hurt so much worse after that. Several months ago the foot pain returned with a vengeance, along with severe pain in one hand. This was in addition to the body aches. I could barely function at home or at work. A few weeks ago I finally saw an orthopedic surgeon and got the news.... At 37 I have early stage inflammatory arthritis, early stage bilateral carpal tunnel, and a degenerated disc in my lower back.

After a week of using Top Shelf HA I noticed a difference. I'm almost two weeks in, and here's what I've noticed:

  • I don't wake up with foot or hand pain, or body stiffness like I used to. My feet only have a dull ache after work, as opposed to crippling pain. My back doesn't ache nonstop anymore. The body aches are few and far between, and just enough that I notice them - they no longer put me down.
  • In the last 6 years I've seen so many doctors (including rheumatologists) and was always told that I'm healthy, and they had nothing that could help. As a medical professional who is very much in tune with my own body, this was very disheartening. This hyaluronan is the only thing that's truly given me relief.

I'm so grateful to have been presented with this product, and I'll definitely continue its use!


I am a 73-year-old woman with a lot of arthritis in my body. I started using this 2 months ago, and I saw a significant difference in the first week with my joints. They are not stiff, and joints do not pop every time I move. They have made a change in my joints. I will be a lifetime customer.


Wood Dale Farm (est 1819) in Sedalia, MO is home to Bob and Barbara Hayden and Starline Kennels where National Champion field trail dogs are raised and trained and compete. The Wood Dale Farm grounds host several regional and national retriever competitions every year and are also home to pampered Clydesdales. Dogs at that level of contesting require the best in nutrition, training and health care. Bob uses Topshelf HA for all of his companion and field trail dogs, horses and he also uses it himself. Bob and his dogs are at the top of their game-and want to stay there. The “best” use Topshelf HA.

Wood Dale Farm

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