TOP SHELF® – Hyaluronic Acid 50 Fluid Oz (1.5L) – For Companion Animals


Designed for Equine (and large animal) as well as multi-users for joint health. The product is 1.5 L (50 ounces).

This is our newest patented formulation! It contains colloidal silver which has anti-bacterial properties.

Top Shelf HA is used orally (for joint support and skincare) and topically (for skincare) in many products. Orally, HA is an excellent anti-inflammatory only when the HA biomolecule in the product has a high molecular weight.

Top Shelf has a special patented hyaluronan (sodium hyaluronate) formula. You have seen other oral supplements that are either gel/liquid or solid dosage (capsules or tablets). Both of these have problems — the gel/liquid degrades quickly (while it sits on the shelf before you purchase it). The solid dosage does not adequate hydrate in a timely manner in order to be of any benefit. It is well known that the ideal method for achieving bodily absorption of the ingredient is when it is taken in liquid form.

Hyaluronan, when purchased in liquid form, degrades quickly over time into the smaller weight inflammatory hyaluronan.

Top Shelf enables you to dissolve the stable powder into a liquid with non-chlorinated water when you are ready to begin consuming it! Therefore, the large hyaluronan molecule remains stable until you hydrate it with non-chlorinated water.

Not surprisingly, oral usage of hyaluronan (HA) has been clinically shown to benefit the skin by providing anti-aging and moisturizing topically. So, HA works internally and externally!

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