Hyaluronan: The Most Important Molecule in Your Body Kindle Edition

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“Hyaluronan: The Most Important Molecule in Your Body” is an informative, accessible, data-driven book describing an important health-related molecule that everyone should know about. Orthopedic surgeon, Douglas W. Kiburz, MD, mines peer-reviewed clinical and basic science research to describe health benefits of hyaluronan, including improving muscle strength, improving joint function and decreasing pain by increasing quality of life by naturally decreasing pain and stiffness, supporting bone healing, reducing processes leading to osteoporosis, contributing to healthy functioning of the immune system, protecting the respiratory system from allergy and inflammation, contributing to healthy microbiome, improving objective and subjective signs of healthy, youthful skin, and decreasing dry eye. Dr Kiburz’s real-life patients describe their experiences with hyaluronan and how they believe that hyaluronan has improved their health. Dr. Kiburz has used what he has learned about hyaluronan to develop a high quality, high molecular weight, over the counter hyaluronan product, HA-TOPSHELF that he feels comfortable recommending to his patients. Dr. Kiburz is an animal lover who owns cats, dogs, and award-winning American Quarter Horses. Because hyaluronan is an important molecule for all mammals, Dr Kiburz gives hyaluronan to his animals to improve their lives, too.