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We ONLY need your personal information related to your order. Your payment information is secured by using SSL-secured third-party providers for processing any of your methods (credit card, Paypal, ApplePay, etc.). You can check our current security status by selecting any of the shown below authorities: Trustwave, GeoTrust, Paypal Certified, and you will see the McAfee Safe Site (showing our website is secure against known viruses and malware).

The non-payment personal information we have are electronically stored on a secure, very private and very limited access, computer. Nature’s Extra does not supply ANY information to another party.

You can feel assured that the information we need from you is limited and is as private as it can be — like you, this is the least that we, or you, should expect or receive! Even our contact form only requires your email address (so we can respond) and your questions/comments section. Please let us know if you have any concerns.

In light of recent social networking and internet customer misuse, you can feel assured that, at least on our site, your information is SECURE and PRIVATE! And, you will never have to “agree” to a Privacy Policy before using our site.


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