TOPSHELF HA Product Update! Higher Concentration!

Topshelf HA has now increased both its molecular weight (MW) and the mg concentration in the 15 oz bottle, expanding the daily usage from 30 to 45 days. Though Topshelf has the highest MW Hyaluronic Acid (HA)  on the market, the increase makes our HA even more efficacious.

The shelf life of 3 years is not affected and the higher MW and concentration takes up to 36 hours for full rehydration making Topshelf still the “freshest” and most bioavailable HA on the shelf.

Another change is that we are creating separate animal and human labels and bottles. Yes-the HA is exactly the same in all mammals, but there are some customers who prefer NOT to be taking canine/feline/equine products.  So if a supply of one runs out, there is NO difference in the HA inside the large or small bottles. The redesigned labels are different  for each and the bottle caps will have a different color.

These significant biochemical supplement improvements along with the increasing cost of ingredients, bottles, packaging and shipping comes with an increasing cost for Topshelf. We hope customers continue to enjoy the health benefits of Topshelf especially with our motivation for continuous quality improvement.   For more “refresher ”information and videos check out

Douglas Kiburz, M. D.  Orthopedic Surgeon

Don Grove, Rph Registered Pharmacist

Don Jessup Chemical Engineer FDA registered production facility