Sounds To Good To Be True?

Sounds too good to be true? A patented, over-the-counter supplement with an amazing safety profile with the ability to keep joints healthy and support GI, eye, immune system, and skin health-all for 1 dollar a day! Less than your budget for coffee by long shot.

HA-Topshelf was developed by a physician, pharmacist, and engineer with decades of experience in the healthcare industry. They take it themselves and recommend it to clients, patients, and their own families. Topshelf HA (hyaluronic acid) is a naturally occurring molecule that has receptors throughout the body, which explains why it has such a wide influence on our overall wellness. Researchers have known for decades that maintaining a proper level of high molecular weight HA has significant effects on wellness as well as longevity, and that our own HA begins to diminish in our 20’s-thus we experience the “aging process.” Many are familiar with HA in the cosmetic industry but are not aware of the numerous systems that it helps to regulate and maintain.

As a physician, people ask me, “what do you take and why?” Countless people take anti-inflammatory OTC and prescription medications for aches, pains, stiffness, etc. They have their place but also cause over 100,000 hospitalizations every year, and many cannot take them because of GI problems (which are more common with age) or because they are taking blood thinners or have high blood pressure. We all want to live a long and healthy life. Our longevity is not something we can completely control, but the healthy part we can influence with diet, exercise, getting quality sleep, managing stress, getting regular check-ups, and lifestyle. Taking something for our aging eyesight, GI and immune function, bone strength, joint health, and skin condition leaves us with several different products unless one can contribute to the wellness of all of those systems. That is why I have taken HA for years and provide it for our companion animals as well. Some patients notice effects within days, and some within weeks. Some do not have any dramatic changes but realize they are taking a very safe supplement that has positive effects on the aging process. I read a book 20 years ago by Bill Sardi: How to Live 100 years Without Growing Old. It was all about Hyaluronic Acid. I am not so concerned about the 100 years, but I do want the years I have to be as active and functional as possible.

The first rule of medicine is to “do no harm.” The best way to do this is to help people take care of themselves with healthy lifestyle choices and recommendations for maintaining our aging systems, just like we change the oil in our cars, check the brake fluid, brake pads, lights for visibility, coolant levels, tire pressure, filters, transmission fluid, rotate tires, etc. Taking care of our vehicles is a lot like taking care of our bodies-prevention matters! For more information, take a quick trip to