Hyaluronic Acid for Animals

Hyaluronic acid for animals and horses! Actually hyaluronic acid for animals has been used in the animal world for decades-long before it was found to be so helpful for two legged creatures. HA injections for horse hocks (ankle equivalent in humans) has been done for decades in the equine world. The injections became available for human use with FDA approval in the late 90’s and are now done by the tens of thousands. Along the way, the HA formulation was developed to be orally absorbed and not necessarily injected as the injectable form is a more invasive and expensive way to get the HA into the patient or companion animal. Many supplements have come our way via the canine and equine venues and there is no “placebo” effect in animals and the HA molecule is the very same in all mammals.

I was convinced that the HA would be just as safe and effective in my Orthopedic patients as in my horses and dogs, which it has proved to be. Now with a patented oral formulation we have a product that has a high molecular weight and a dose that will replendish our and our pets diminishing yet very important HA natural supply. For pet owners out there, you know your companion animals (including cats) are a vital part of the family (sometimes the BEST part of the family) and deserve as good of care as the rest of the crew. Animals seem to respond even faster to HA supplementation than humans but that should not be a surprise as they have better developed senses in most every area. I have seen owners start taking Topshelf after seeing their dogs/cats/horses respond so well and sometimes when humans find it so helpful they want their pets to have the same healthful/helpful benefits and start giving their pets a daily dose. That is why we have an individual bottle AND a family or equine size. Our “family” includes horses, a mule, dog, cat and humans. When you reach for the Hyaluronic Acid, reach for the Topshelf.