Hyaluronic Acid for Pets

Our companion animals, horses, dogs and cats primarily, are an important part of our lives and sometimes the best members of the family.  Many supplements used in two legged creatures have evolved from the equine and canine worlds.  That is the case with hyaluronic acid for pets or HA, which has been used since the 1970’s in the animal kingdom. Glucosamine and chondroitin have been staples for animal supplement treatment but HA now has anecdotal and scientific documentation as a very successful supplement-first in injectable form and now in a liquid bioavailable formulation.  HA is naturally a part of every mammalian (two and four legged) system and functions to lubricate joints, heal wounds and moderate the inflammatory and immune response.  Hyaluronic acid also is essential for eye, disc, skin and GI health and may well have antiviral properties.  Over time, this multifunctional substance, HA, diminishes in our system and the result is essentially the “aging process” which progresses more rapidly in animals, given their life span.

hyaluronic acid for pets

Because hyaluronic acid is endogenous, it induces no allergic reaction and has the ability to maintain multisystem homeostasis with oral daily administration.  The dosing schedule is of course tailored to the patient/client weight and there is no placebo effect in animals so the results are far easier to see in our companion animal population. Hyaluronic acid for pets either works or it does not, and it has been found to work quite favorably and usually faster than in humans, though 85% of humans have found positive results.

Anti-inflammatory and injectable agents have been used for animals but are invasive, expensive and potentially harmful.

A high molecular weight, patented, prehydrated, easily absorbed hyaluronic acid product should be considered the first line of preventative and therapeutic supplementation.  Our best option-to get hyaluronic acid for ourselves and our companion animals, which is which why we make the 50 oz,  “family” or “equine”  sized bottle which is more concentrated and economical for multiple users.

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