Hyaluronic Acid for Horses

We all want the best for our horse companions and want their years with us to be as healthy as possible.  Hyaluronic Acid or HA has been around for 100 years with numerous peer reviewed articles about its benefits for joints, skin, eyes, GI tract, would healing and the immune system. Hyaluronic Acid  has been used as an injectable product in the horse world for decades but now an oral Hyaluronic Acid product is available which helps to regulate nearly every major system and not just support joint health.

hyaluronic acid for horses

Hyaluronic Acid for Horses

As horses age, the natural production of Hyaluronic Acid decreases leading to a slow deterioration or the “aging” process.  Research has found a way to supplement the Hyaluronic Acid in every horse, slowing down the decline with a patented, over the counter HA molecule in liquid form.  Topshelf HA is a patented, high molecular weight product with no taste or odor and is sugar, soy, yeast and artificial color FREE.  Topshelf arrives as a powder with a 3 year shelf life and is reconstituted with bottled water.

Just cover the powder with bottled water-shake-fill to the top with bottled water and let set for 24 hours. It is fresh and ready for use on feed and is best used in 90 days. Place one ounce of the “horse” sized bottle on feed daily.  For quicker response, double the dose for the first week.  One third of the Hyaluronic Acid in every mammal is broken down daily so continued use is necessary.

There are no side effects or reactions as the Topshelf HA is the same molecule which is naturally produced in every mammal-that’s right-in every 2 or 4 legged creature. Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth – give him a gift in his mouth – for the best all around supplement-reach for the Topshelf.

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