Wrapping It Up


Remember Helen, who bought her husband his own bottle of HA-TOPSHELF so she would not have to share her own? Helen’s experience with Hyaluronic Acid has also been echoed by other patients of Dr. Kiburz’s. Take Carolyn (her name has been changed to protect her privacy), for example.

Carolyn experienced moderate arthritis pain and stiffness. She decided to look for a dietary supplement to relieve her pain and stiffness. However, being an analytical type, Carolyn was determined to keep records of her pain and stiffness before and after taking a supplement so she could determine objectively whether the supplement provided a benefit. Carolyn started recording her pain and joint stiffness daily on a 1 to 10 scale.

Then, she looked for an appropriate supplement. Her independent reading suggested that an Hyaluronic Acid supplement might be a safe and effective solution to her problem. Next, she looked for a pure, high-quality HA supplement, which was when she heard, during conversations with acquaintances, that Dr. Kiburz was developing a pure, high-quality HA supplement, HA-TOPSHELF. She approached Dr. Kiburz, who provided a complimentary bottle of HA-TOPSHELF (a 30-day supply) to Carolyn.

After taking HA TOPSHELF for one month, Carolyn said in an email to Dr. Kiburz, “I kept a chart which showed that, before taking HA-TOPSHELF, my arthritis pain in knee, hip, ankle and shoulder was mostly in the 2 to 3 range on a 1 to 10 pain scale. After taking the product, except for a few days of extra ankle pain, I noted that my knee, hip, ankle, and shoulder were at a 0 to 2 on a 1 to 10 pain scale later the same month. I have read good things about HA and plan to continue taking the supplement.”

Here at HA-TOPSHELF, we are analytical types, just like Carolyn. We value customers like Carolyn who provide objective data about whether our product is safe and effective. We used data to develop our product, and we will continue to use data to help us to improve our product. In this book, we focused on only those claims of benefits that we could substantiate with peer-reviewed clinical and basic science research reports.

We welcome your feedback on your experiences with Hyaluronan as a supplement and HA-TOPSHELF as a product. 33At the time of writing this book, the HA Team has not gathered data indicating any problems with our product. However, good scientists and clinicians will tell you that data indicating problems are very important— sometimes more important than data indicating no problems—


33If you use HA-TOPSHELF and want to provide feedback on your experience, please email your feedback to HA-TOPSHELFtestimonial@outlook.com. Please include as much information and data as you feel comfortable providing. We do not need to know your name or other personally identifying information. We will not contact you unless you request that we contact you. However, if you would like to be contacted about your feedback or a solution to a problem you have experienced with our product, please provide an email address or phone number. We are committed to preserving your privacy and will not share your name, email address, data, or other information without your written permission.

because learning of a problem means we can solve a problem, which leads to continually improving our product.

We encourage you to improve your health by supplementing your healthy diet with high quality, high molecular weight HA. To achieve the health benefits offered by HA, the HA Team at HA-TOPSHELF would be pleased if you would consider purchasing and using our product. 34 However, as we said in the first section of this book, it is more important to us that you understand why high molecular weight HA is important to your health and, if you decide to add an HA product to your diet, that you have objective facts in order to select an HA product.

Our goal in this book is to describe the scientific and clinical evidence that supports our conviction that high quality, high molecular weight HA is an essential health supplement. We hope you enjoyed learning about our team of physicians, pharmacists and chemical engineers and why we set out to provide a high quality, high molecular weight HA product to patients, families, and pets. We hope you also enjoyed reading the human-interest case studies of Bob, Olympia, Amelia, Amy, and Helen that illustrate how real people (and pets) have benefitted from HA.