Getting Back To Normal

Love (and backs, ankles, and fingers) in the time of HA.

All joints benefit from HA. We already told you the case studies of how HA-TOPSHELF helped Amelia’s and Amy’s knees heal so they could get back to their activities. Did you know that our spines also are a longHelen series of multiple joints and are particularly susceptible to damage? Dr. Kiburz’s patients report to him that taking HA-TOPSHELF improves their back flexibility and reduces their back pain, which ultimately reduces their need for surgery. Patients love HA-TOPSHELF! Dr. Kiburz tells the case study of Helen (her name has been changed to protect her privacy), a patient who added HA-TOPSHELF supplement to her diet to improve the flexibility of her spine, fingers, and other joints. After taking HA-TOPSHELF, Helen reported to Dr. Kiburz that her back, shoulders, elbows, and finger joints were less stiff and swollen and that she no longer had trouble getting out of bed. Helen’s experience has been echoed by others of Dr. Kiburz’s patients. For example, Patty (her name has been changed to protect her privacy) also noticed a decrease in stiffness in her hands after taking HA-TOPSHELF for one month. Two weeks after she stopped taking HA-TOPSHELF, Patty began to notice that the stiffness in her fingers had returned. Patty told Dr. Kiburz that she intends to resume using the product. There’s a sweet ending to Helen’s story. Helen told Dr. Kiburz that her husband was so impressed by Helen’s improvement that he wanted to take some of her HA-TOPSHELF to help his stiff ankles to become more limber. But Helen was not about to share her HA-TOPSHELF, not even with her beloved husband, so she purchased a bottle just for him. It appears that love means never having to say, “Here, have some of my HA-TOPSHELF!”

17We just could not resist making this literary reference, even though it has nothing to do with HA. If
you have not read Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel García Márquez, you should.