Bob, Olympia, & HA

Bob is an 89-year-old man who has a beloved 18-year-old cat named Olympia.


bob and his cat

Bob and Olympia living their very best, active life. (Used with permission.)


Bob and Olympia like to do all the things that a cat and her human like to do together. Olympia loves to sit on Bob’s lap, and Bob loves to scratch her ears. Olympia adores getting her ears scratched.

However, both Bob and Olympia were getting older. They were slowing down. It was getting harder for both to move. Olympia could not jump up on Bob’s lap anymore, and Bob had trouble bending down to pick her up.

Then, Bob found HA-TOPSHELF supplement, which is made of pure, high molecular weight HA. Bob was impressed that it was developed by a practicing orthopedic surgeon, who recommends HA supplement for his patients (and his animals). Bob read the Certificate of Analysis that came with the supplement and was reassured of the product’s quality.

Bob decided to buy HA-TOPSHELF to give it a try. Bob followed the directions for mixing, dissolving, and storing the product. Bob started giving himself 1 tablespoon and Olympia 1 teaspoon of the HA-TOPSHELF solution each day.

Bob and Olympia have been rejuvenated. Olympia does not need to be picked up anymore because, since she has started taking HA-TOPSHELF, she can jump up onto Bob’s lap on her own. Not only that, Bob reports that she runs, dashes up and downstairs, and plays with her toys just like a kitten.

And Bob? Well, Bob does not sit all that much anymore. Bob has become more active because he has less back pain and stiffness. He sleeps better. He can get up and down easier. He and Olympia still do their share of lap sitting and ear-scratching but now they do lots of other activities, too.

Here at HA-TOPSHELF, stories like this bring a tear to the eyes of the HA Team and make us want to work harder to bring the benefits of HA-TOPSHELF to more people.