Hyaluronic Acid
September 14, 2022

I’m going way back to start….I began having severe joint pain almost 10 years ago. At the time I worked a labor intensive job, on my feet for 12+ hours a day. I assumed that was the only reason. Forward a couple years, and the joint pain turned into all-over body aches, similar to flu aches. That would continue to come an go until the present. About 6 years ago I saw a Dr for back pain and was prescribed a medication that came with major side effects and little relief. I resolved to just dealing with the pain, taking a LOT of OTC medicines for it. One year ago I saw a podiatrist for foot pain;

I got a steroid shot and hurt so much worse after that. Several months ago the foot pain returned with a vengeance, along with severe pain in one hand. This was in addition to the body aches. I could barely function at home or at work. A few weeks ago I finally saw an orthopedic surgeon and got the news…. At 37 I have early stage inflammatory arthritis, early stage bilateral carpal tunnel, and a degenerated disc in my lower back.

After a week of using Top Shelf HA I noticed a difference. I’m almost two weeks in, and here’s what I’ve noticed:

  • I don’t wake up with foot or hand pain, or body stiffness like I used to. My feet only have a dull ache after work, as opposed to crippling pain. My back doesn’t ache nonstop anymore. The body aches are few and far between, and just enough that I notice them – they no longer put me down.
  • In the last 6 years I’ve seen so many doctors (including rheumatologists) and was always told that I’m healthy, and they had nothing that could help. As a medical professional who is very much in tune with my own body, this was very disheartening. This hyaluronan is the only thing that’s truly given me relief.

I’m so grateful to have been presented with this product, and I’ll definitely continue its use!