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Hyaluronan or HA is an essential molecule that has profound importance for nearly every cell in our body.

What is Hyaluronic Acid from Top Shelf Supplements?

Hyaluronic acid has been expanding ever since it was discovered nearly 100 years ago with focused research on musculoskeletal care, the immune system, the GI tract, skin and cosmetics, the aging process and longevity, eye health, bone strength, and most recently as an antiviral. Its multifaceted responsibilities and endogenous benefits begin to…

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“Bottom line, recommending Top Shelf HA remains a definite part of my comprehensive joint care and has significant additional health benefits (speed wound healing, lubricate and protect joints, help GI conditions, relieve dry eye and discomfort, preserve bone strength, smooth wrinkles, anti-aging) and more!”

– Douglas Kiburz M.D.

Benefits of HA Top Shelf Supplements


Our health and wellness are our personal responsibility and at least for now, we can’t change the genetic makeup we were given so we have to take control of the elements of our life that we can influence.


We all are looking for VALUE in how we spend our time and our money especially when it comes to our health and our families. It can be difficult to sort out the hype and advertising so we often rely on people we trust and have a relationship with. Get started here!

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I was blown away by the supporting evidence and research in the Book by Dr. Kiburz, et al about hyaluronan. As a life long athlete and three time Olympian and World Record holder I am usually skeptical about health related claims but after trying the Topshelf HA I can honestly say that I feel 10 years younger with quicker recovery and less morning stiffness after workouts. It will be a part of my personal health regimen going forward for my joints and all around wellness.

John Kennedy Howard, Three Time Olympian Three Time Olympian, Iron Man Champion, World Record Holder

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About the Founders

Doug Kiburz, MD

I have been using hyaluronan supplements (HA) in our horses and dogs for decades and indeed many supplements used in humans evolved from the canine and equine world. Being in the Orthopaedic profession I am always looking for ways for patients to help themselves with musculoskeletal problems beyond surgery or prescription medication.

The exciting benefits of HA are that it supplements our own endogenous HA, has few side effects or allergic reactions, and is effective. I don’t recommend anything I don’t try myself and my family (wife, dogs, cats, horses) and I have been using oral HA products for several years. But advances and improvements are made in every field and the TOP SHELF® specifications are a giant step in quality and value.

Don Grove, RPh

Over a decade ago I was working in my pharmacy in Warsaw, MO and an orthopedic surgeon in my practice area called me and asked me to do him a favor. He had been recommending an OTC product to his patients to help them with their joint problems. He explained he first started using it on his horses and they had immediate and dramatic results and he knew it could not be the placebo effect since that doesn’t work on animals. He had contacted the manufacturer and asked if the product could be used in both animals and humans and he would like to test it in humans if safe and OK’d by FDA.

From this early conversation, I started selling this liquid hyaluronan product and have continued for over 10 years. Several years ago I asked a chemist if he could develop a hyaluronan product in powder form. that keeps it fresher longer with a much longer shelf life (3 years), and is more affordable.


The most important molecule in your body: HYALURONAN